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Gold Pushin’ demo for VIA

After releasing You Can’t Be The King I thought I’d upgrade my recording equipment. But instead I sold my flat and put all my gear in storage. So for the past two months all I’ve had is an acoustic guitar, but I’m still working on some new material.

I holed up at a friend’s house last week to record some demos with only a mic and a laptop. I managed to record 11 demos in three days of which a few will definitely make it on to my next release in some form.

So here’s a preview of a short song Gold Pushin’ which will probably find it’s way on to the album, to be called VIA. Stay tuned.

Gold Pushin’ by Acting School

Loner (Album 2011)

In 1977 a golden record was produced as a documentation of our earth and it’s inhabitants. This included photos, diagrams, music, sounds and greetings. It was attached to the voyager and sent on a mission in to deep space. This record is the farthest man-made object from our earth. It has now left our solar system.

LONER is an auditory interpretation of the golden disc. Inspired by writings and listening concepts from John Cage. This is a fuzzy soundscape, restricted in frequency, using only sounds from the original golden disc. Samples were taken from the golden disc and edited before each track was created in one live take. No looking back.

Thunderous crescendos, hypnotic loops and snippets of human song speeding through space in eerie silence.

1. you are a (scientific) loner
2. if you ever need to listen
3. the winds have changed, I have left you
4. sixteen pointless revolutions
5. dots  

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Licensed under a CC License

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